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published: 9th June 2010 @ 14:00

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Welcome to all new members. Thank you for joining Devsa and we hope you'll enjoy what the site has to offer. Have a good look around, add some domain names, maybe write a blog post, make friends or use the support center to ask questions if you need help.


This is quick update on what's happening and we use our magic crystal ball to predict the future (kind of)!


Browser Compatability

Some of you may already be aware that we've not yet fully tested the site in all browsers - we posted about it during beta phase one. Its something we'll have to do over the coming weeks, but for now we're content with how things work in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. For now we're concentrating on fixing bugs, improving features and finishing other parts of the site. Once that's done, we'll begin cross browser compatability tests.


Domain Verification & Data Collection

We've further improved the mechanics behind the domain ownership verification process, it seems to be working smoothly - but if you come across any issues, do let us know (click the help link from the main menu above). Once you've verified ownership of a domain name, our systems begin collecting data about the name. For example, Registrar, Expiry Date, Age, Google PR etc. However, this takes a few minutes to a few hours - it depends on how busy the site is at the time. If you do add some domain names, view its public listing page after 10-15mins to check if the data has been collected properly. If not, then wait an hour or two and try again. If it takes longer than 2 hours, let us know (help link above).


Blog Posts

We've noticed some strange behaviour with the blog editor. It works, but sometimes it does some crazy things with styling - for example breaks lines in odd places. We're working on a fix, so hold tight. Don't let it stop you from writing your posts though... it might look a little strange now but once we apply the fix, things will return back to normal.


Member Certification

All known bugs have been fixed, you should be able to upgrade to higher levels of certifications quite easily now. For Standard and higher certification levels you can now use SMS text messages or PayPal as a method of verification. The SMS feature works almost instantly for UK and most European members. There might be a slight delay for other countries - but so far we've not had anyone report any problems. As usual, if you come across anything strange, any bugs, missing links or if you have ideas & suggestions - please feel free to get in touch. You can leave a comment below or use our Support Center (

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