Offensive Domains Policy

Effective Date: 31st May 2010 Posting Date: 31st May 2010

Devsa reserves the right not to list domains that violate our Offensive Domain Policy.

Offensive Material

Application of guidelines that have the potential of restricting free speech require careful judgment and consideration of a domain’s potential for substantial social, artistic or political value. Domain names that, in Devsa’s sole discretion, promote or praise hatred, violence, child pornography, racial or religious intolerance may not be listed for sale or showcased in any way with Devsa and will be removed once discovered by, or reported to Devsa without warning or notice to the domain owner. Users who continually attempt to list for sale or park domains in violation of this policy risk suspension or cancellation of their Devsa accounts. In addition, domains that promote organizations that endorse and/or encourage hatred, violence, child pornography, racial or religious intolerance may not be listed for sale or showcased in any way with Devsa. This includes, but is not limited to, domains promoting organizations such as the KKK, Nazis, neo-Nazis, or the Aryan nation.

Featured Listings

The Offensive Domain Policy is aggressively applied in relation to Devsa’s Domain Showcase Service ("Devsa Domain Features"). All domain names are manually screened before approval for feature and Devsa reserves the right to decline any domain for feature. Orders for domain showcases involving domains that violate this policy will not be processed and the sales price will be refunded.

Purpose of this Policy

We aim to create a trading environment free from offensive terms which lack any redeeming social, artistic or political value. Free speech is another global priority of Devsa and while we will not tolerate domains whose only purpose is to advocate hatred or violence, Devsa will never engage in selective censorship of domains that do not infringe upon on this narrowly tailored policy.

Reporting Domains that Violate the Offensive Domain Policy

Despite Devsa’s best efforts, it is impossible for Devsa to monitor and verify the millions of domains that are bought, sold and parked with Devsa every year. For this reason, we seek the help of our global community to report any domains you feel may run afoul of this policy. If you would like to report a domain that violates Devsa’s Offensive Domain Policy you can submit a ticket through our Support Center or send us an email to . Please include the domain in question and the date, time and location where you noticed the domain. Devsa will act expeditiously to review and remove and/or block, if necessary, all domains that violate this policy.

For more information on Devsa’s Offensive Domain Policy, please contact us.